Welcome to Canvas Handmade, where we are devoted to the makers, artists and crafters in & around Vancouver, BC. The “buy local” movement has been building up steam over the last few years and I’m thrilled to be part of a community of people who make creating part of their day to day lives. From shopping at the local farmers markets to buy my veggies to supporting the local fashion designers who make this city unique, I’m excited to showcase the various makers who cross my path.

Yapes Paints


April (aka Yapes) is a self-taught artist living in White Rock BC.  Her career as an artist started in 2007 when she was asked to display her work in a restaurant in Victoria and had huge success. Since then, April has been enjoying living her dream of being an artist selling her work in galleries, art markets and in retail stores around BC.


Having no formal art training, April has learned to paint by experimenting in her studio.  She uses acrylic paint and ink to create unique and bold works of art and loves adding other mediums including metal (which her amazing husband Ren helps here with), fabric and paper to give texture to her work. Most well known for her whimsical trees, April also loves to paint bright flowers and funky animals including her long legged birds!  Inspiration for her work comes from her love of BC’s outdoors as well as her world travels.


April is also a Registered Nurse having worked in post open heart surgery, palliative care, community care and currently for private family practice as a chronic disease management nurse. She truly values the balance both painting and nursing bring to her life .  “Im so thankful for all the support I have had from my family and friends and feel so lucky to have become what I wanted to be since I was a little girl.. an artist!!” Her work is part of private collections in Canada, Asia, the UK and Australia.



See more of April’s work on her website YapesPaints.com.

Bueno Style


Collector, curator, gleaner, designer and assembler. All these things can be used describing Vancouver-based artist Christi York. Drawn to the vintage, the antique and the overlooked, she creates re-imagined jewelry pieces designed to adorn, embellish and festoon. Past experience in graphic design, floral design, photography, fabric arts, plus an interest in collage based art have all contributed to her creative process.

Committed to the slow fashion movement – She has always used recycled, vintage and eco-conscious materials wherever possible, right down to the packaging of recycled tissue paper and kraft boxes or reusable gift bags.
With travels to vintage bead warehouses in New York, flea markets across the USA, and Europe, she is constantly on the look out for treasures to re-create and share with both her Vancouver and global collectors.

Vintage beads and findings offer an allure that just can’t be found in any modern bead store. Launched in January 2007, the BuenoStyle line uses mostly vintage discontinued glass and brass filigrees beads & lockets from the 1920’s to the 80’s. You could say the BuenoStyle features limited edition, “one-of-a-few” pieces.
The OAK line of jewelry, launched Fall 2008, is quite simply One-of-A-Kind. Each OAK piece is unique unto itself and will never be repeated. Whether it’s a necklace, pair of earrings or bracelet, each piece is built upon intriguing found objects salvaged from her travels to form an exclusive piece of jewelry. Each piece from the OAK line always makes a statement.
You can see more of Christi’s work on her website – BuenoStyle.

A Cagey Bee



When your initials are K.G.B., what else is one to do but paint a rather cute (& cagey) bee girl and turn her into your mascot? Inspired by the vintage storybooks my mother read to me as a child, I love to bring characters to life on my canvas – wide-eyed girls, animals, robots & the odd boy (as long as he promises not to pull my hair).

Riding my bike along the seawall to Emily Carr University for painting class, it was almost impossible to *not* be inspired. I started my website www.aCageyBee.com in 2008 and have now sold work all over the world – across Canada & the US, Australia, the UK & even as far as Estonia.


When I’m not painting, I’m coming up with new ways to let my creations venture off the wall & into the world in the form of lockets, bookmarks, pins & magnets. I think it’s important for art to be accessible to everyone, so I’m thrilled to offer affordable reproductions that hopefully will inspire the kid in all of my customers to follow her dreams. I’m also really good at sudoku.


a modern local market in Vancouver, BC